The undisputed best Southampton day trips

Eventually your body will need a break from the alcohol so here are some wholesome things to do instead

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If you've indulged in too many alcohol-related Freshers' events, venturing just outside of Southampton for some sober activities could be a welcome break.

It also means you can truthfully tell your parents that you haven't spent your entire student loan on Jagerbombs. Here are a few ideas to help you make the most of your time in and around Southampton during the day.


Most Southampton students visit Winchester at some point, and it's easily accessible via a short train journey, or Bluestar bus (take advantage of your halls bus pass)! It is also a popular destination to take visiting parents. The best time to go is around Christmas where it is home to one of the most impressive Christmas markets in Britain. This year, it's taking place from November 17th to December 20th.


Despite being on the South Coast, one thing Southampton lacks is a beach. Luckily, Bournemouth is here to fulfil our needs and is only two stops away on the train. Obviously, to make the most of the beach, summer is the best time to visit. However, sun isn't always guaranteed and if the weather does let you down, the aquarium next to the beach is worth a visit.

Oxygen Free Jumping

Located in Southampton, this indoor trampolining park is a great alternative workout when you're tired of Jubilee gym. For just £10.50 you can get an hour of jumping. The exercise will also justify your many trips to Scoops.


Portsmouth has plenty to offer with Gunwharf Quays shopping centre for when you're tired of West Quay. The Spinnaker Tower is also worth a visit as it offers a gorgeous view over the city. With your Student ID, you can gain discounted access to this, as well as other attractions such as the historic dockyard if you fancy. It is one of the more expensive day trips, however it is certainly worth it, especially if you go during the summer when the sea views are at their best.

The New Forest

A short train journey away, the New Forest has scenic picnic settings and a national park full of wildlife. Alternatively, the Longdown Activity Farm even allows you to pet animals and hold chicks! Another option is a visit to Go Ape or the New Forest Water Park for a Total Wipeout style inflatable course. Again, your student ID will give you discount for most attractions.