How to know if memes have officially ruined your life

Cry reacts only

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Some people take things too far, and far too often those things are memes. But where do you draw the line? How do you know when they've completely taken over? Well, here's a handy guide to help…

Only certain people qualify to the meme realm

Only the closest of your friends have the right, nay, the privilege of tagging you. No one else is welcome. And if anyone who you don’t consider adequate dares to send you something then they’re overstepping one major boundary. Memetown is a private members club and you decide who gets in.

You’ve genuinely had arguments because of a meme

Emotions are high when you care about things. And you really, really care about this meme. So much so that you will turn on all of your friends and family everyone you have ever loved or even met in order to defend it. Hell hath no fury like a meme-child scorned.

Real tears have been shed

Maybe from anger, maybe from woe, maybe from all of the lols, but there have 100% been tears and it should 100% be a little bit embarrassing that you cried over a meme.

Literally everything is a meme to you

‘When you remember that you have deadlines due’ ‘when you’re in the queue for Oceana’ ‘when you’re on your way to a 9am’ HAHAHA WATCHING TV/LIVING LIFE WITH YOU IS SO FUN AND RELATEABLE AND NOT BORING OR ANNOYING IN ANY WAY.

Often people don’t understand you when you speak

Your vocabulary is mostly vine references, which is cool around your friends…I guess. Every other sentence is ‘and they were roommates’ or ‘ADAM’ and your mum doesn’t know what your saying ever. Either that or you greet everyone with ‘henlo’ and scream ‘reee’ in response to literally anything. No one understands you and you’re not even sure if you understand yourself anymore.

You’ve felt legitimate anger when someone sends you an old meme

The memecycle is a swift, unforgiving friend. One day it’s hilarious, the next it’s awkward and embarrassing. So you don’t have time for something that’s long past its sell by date. You’ve gotta be ahead of the game, and your friends sending you old (probably shit) memes is only gonna hold you back – no wonder you’re annoyed.

Your sense of humour has got out of hand

To be honest, even you’re not sure why these things are funny to you. You can’t explain it. Something about that high saturation, low-res picture just makes you fucking lose it and you don’t know why. It’s probably not even funny. You don’t know. But you’ll smash that tag anyway.