These Bar One bevs and burgers have just reduced by a whole 50p

Cheers to that

A host of Bar One bevs and burgers have been slashed by 50p after a flurry of votes in the Sheffield SU officer elections.

The SU pledged to reduce prices of favourite items in the bar by 10p for every 1,000 votes cast.

The price reductions began on Monday when the 3,000 threshold was met hours after voting opened, but on Tuesday morning the tally reached 5,000, meaning a 50p drop on selected items.

The discounts could see broke students’ pockets save £1 if the 10,000 vote target, a record turnout, is reached.

There are twenty items on the Bar One mark down list.

Items included are: Corona, vodka and coke, Amstel, cheese nachos, pancakes, the Bar One chicken burger, the California vegan burger, the beloved passionbomb and other SU favourites.

Voting is essential to get your discounts so log onto the University of Sheffield SU page to cast your vote.

The promotion ends at 5pm tomorrow, when the election polls close.

A range of candidates are standing for the eight officer positions and their manifestos are all available on the SU website. The final results for next year’s officer team will be announced on Thursday night.

Remember: The more you vote, the more you save.