Greenpeace activists shut down Sheffield Barclays branch leaving staff locked outside

They’ve been stranded all morning

Barclays bank in Sheffield city centre has been shut down by climate activists, leaving staff locked out.

Staff arrived at the branch at 8.30am to find the doors sealed shut, after Greenpeace tampered with them in the early hours.

They are still stranded outside on the pavement trying to gain access and are turning customers away.

One Barclays staff member told The Tab Sheffield: “We’ve been vandalised and can’t get back in, despite having tried all morning.”

Another said: “We’ve contacted head office and the locksmiths but we’ll probably be closed all day as we can’t get in.”

The notice that Greenpeace left on the door

A Greenpeace red “notice” has been plastered on the door, reading: “This Barclays Bank branch has been closed down as part of a peaceful protest by Greenpeace”. It goes on to cite fossil fuel investments to accuse the firm of “funding the climate emergency”.

The eco group is staging protests at 95 Barclays branches across the country today.

South Yorkshire Police and Barclays have been contacted for comment.