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Sheffield Hallam’s Blackboard site calls student ‘invalid nonce’

They replied with a GIF – how very 2018

So you're at Sheffield Hallam – you're constantly being made fun of by the rest of Sheffield because you go to a so called inferior uni, you have to deal with constant pigeons in the library, sports lads surround you – what could be worse?

More sports lads? Having to go to HUBS? I don't even know what you can do in HUBS and I studied at Hallam for three years. Three years of my life at Hallam and they never called me a nonce. But what would it be like if they did call me a nonce?

Well, looks like it's time to play: So You've Been Called a Nonce by Your University.

That's exactly what one Sheffield Hallam student had to deal with today as she tried to log into Hallam's Blackboard learning space. The student tweeted, "When you try to log in to your uni website but it calls you an invalid nonce", attaching a picture of the screen that appeared.

When asked for comment by The Tab, the student said, "It's hilarious," adding, "I have so many questions".

Sheffield Hallam went on to reply to the tweet with a GIF from the TV series House, saying "oops".

According to WordPress' support site, a nonce is "a 'number used once' to help protect URLs and forms from certain types of misuse, malicious or otherwise".

But that just doesn't cut it, does it? It just doesn't make up for being called a nonce by your university. Most people leave university with a degree and a lifetime of debt, but nope – you're leaving uni with the knowledge that they called you a nonce. In this day and age, I'm quite sure what's more valuable.