St Hugh’s ‘bomb’ a hoax

Buildings evacuated after a bomb scare at St Hugh’s.


Several buildings at St Hugh’s College were evacuated after a ‘suspicious package’ was discovered this morning. However, the police have since confirmed that the package did not contain any explosive materials and the buildings have been re-opened.

A member of staff reported spotted the package on the lawn and immediately reported it to the police, who investigated the premises with the help of a bomb disposal robot.

Earlier this afternoon, Thames Valley Police said:  “There is no risk to the general public. College buildings have been evacuated, and a 100 metre radius has been cordoned off. Part of Woodstock Road is currently closed off  at this stage. It is likely to be closed off for some time. The Royal logistics corps are currently in attendance dealing with the situation.”

One of the buildings evacuated as a result of the bomb scare was the college library, so the college opened up spare offices for those with exams to work in.

However, the package was found not to contain explosives, after two controlled explosions took place, and the college released the following statement at 4.15pm:  “A package was found on college grounds this morning that, to be cautious, was treated as suspicious, but the police have confirmed that it is not an explosive device and poses no danger. As a precautionary measure certain college buildings had been evacuated, but the buildings are now operational again and the situation is returning to normal. We thank the police and we appreciate the calm response of everyone involved.”