Rebecca Lawrence

On Wednesdays we wear pink

‘Pink Wednesdays’ motion passed by Queen’s JCR

Petition to bring back unisex toilets in Babylove

Students petition for the return of unisex toilets in Babylove bar

St Hugh’s ‘bomb’ a hoax

Buildings evacuated after a bomb scare at St Hugh’s.

Review: Some Funny

Finally, a great student-written comedy show in Oxford.

Everyone loves Subfusc

In 2006, 81% of students at Oxford voted to keep subfusc. Here’s why:


Relations between Exeter and Worcester strained over new building proposals.

The Syndicate slammed for School-girl themed event

Teddy Hall’s all-male drinking society is courting controversy.

Old Man Bridge reveals heroic Mayday plans

Don’t make plans for Mayday until you’ve read this.

Oxford Colleges lose AAA credit rating

Even Oxford Colleges are feeling the crunch of the recession…

OUSU: less popular, but now even richer

OUSU set for 100K bonanza on the university…

Somerville-Jesus shark plans slated

Somerville College condemns shark plans for Somerville-Jesus Ball.


Rugby boys join forces with OUSU to put an end to ‘lad culture’

The Tab Needs You

Writers applications open.

Discrimination within the dreaming spires?

Application statistics from 2010 and 2011 show lower success rates of ethnic minority applicants.

Magdalen in eviction mayhem

Bursars behaving badly as one student is left without a roof over his head.

Oxford Gets A 2:2 In Sexual Health

You’ve probably got chlamydia.

St Catz under attackz

A student had a nasty surprise when an intruder entered the college

Trinity Ball Guide 2013

All the info you need, all in one place.

Feminists fight on!

WomCam protests spark ‘overwhelming’ response.

The Best of Jailbreak

Oxford teams put one up the Argies… all in the name of charity

No Fun(d) For Magdalen

A catering charge and rent hikes put pressure on struggling students.

Assange Addresses The Union

The day finally came, the man finally spoke.

Bad news for St Hugh’s

…as an applicant sues.

OUSU denounces Assange

OUSU votes to support the protest against Assange appearing at the Union

Oxford’s recruitment woe

Oxford ranked SEVENTH in graduate recruiters list, with Warwick top.