The all important question: Who can chop faster, Uni Of or Trent?

I think it’s time to invest in a funnel

If you’ve ever wondered which uni can get drinks down faster, this account is for you. @nottschoppers is a compilation of Nottingham’s finest, basically a representation of a night at Ocean.

This is essentially everything we’ve been missing out on bar crawls, the rivalry between the unis is still strong, even if its just virtually; getting on this page is basically a new student initiation now the clubs are closed. Bragging rights are well in order if you can get a pint down in less than ten seconds.

The submissions contain everything from pints to whole bottles of wine (how?), with the Unis battling it out to see who can get the most gruesome ones down faster. The followers can then vote through their Instagram stories as to who has got it down faster (without spilling half of it down themselves, remember kids – spillage is lickage!) and after a number of rounds the winner is announced.

These ‘chopper’ accounts are popping up around the UK, with the Russell Groups and the Polytechnics trying to prove who has the strongest stomach; the most popular being Notts’ however, the account has reached an impressive following of over 2000 in a few weeks!

We managed to secure an exclusive interview with the  creators of the page… here’s what they have to say:

Are you a university student/what university did you go to?

We’re a group of lads at University of Nottingham.

Why did you choose to create this account/What made you think of the idea?

Lots of people film themselves downing drinks so we thought we would make a page. We wanted to bring a bit of fun to lockdown and get some friendly competition between the unis.

Hopefully in the future we can create city vs city competitions as well between different unis.

Who are you seeing best performances from, Uni of or Trent? Are you surprised by this?

It’s very varied from both unis. Some very impressive, some very funny and some very creative ones which are really good fun to watch. Not sure if we can call a winner just yet. We were surprised at the amount of videos we did get though we never expected as many that we currently have still not uploaded.

How fast can you get a pint down?

There’s a group of us running it and we’re ranging from about 2 to 6seconds.

What’s the most impressive chop you’ve seen?

Any spirits are very impressive. Top one’s have to be our Malibu man Jack Ellison with all the Malibus chopping three bottles of it in one night! The 3 pint chop by Max Clarke for UoN and some snowy chops. But we have also seen some stinkers especially from a certain person who is the queen at quarter corona chops.

What’s the worst drink to chop?

That can be interpreted different ways. Echo falls can be seen as an easy way out as it’s 5%. But if it’s done on taste probably jäger or whisky!

What’s the best drink to chop?

Easiest is probably an ale, John smith or Guinness. Deffo the best for speed anyway.