Government talks of Tier Three restrictions in Notts

Boris Johnson confirms talks will take place soon

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced today that talks had been set with Nottinghamshire local authorities to discuss the possibility of moving into tier three restrictions.

After the deadline was set for Greater Manchester leaders to reach a deal with the government about their move to the third tier, Johnson announced further discussions would be taking place with South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, the North East and Teesside.

When confirming talks with government over the possibility of a move to tier three restrictions, Councillor Mellen stated local authorities want to secure “a package that properly protects local people, businesses, jobs and education whether it is at tier two or tier three.”

What would tier three mean for Notts students?

– You must not mix with other households (aside from support bubbles) in any indoor settings and most outdoor settings including private gardens or most public outdoor venues. (What this means for students: Going to the park with people from outside your house/halls bubble is likely to be prohibited.)

– At a minimum pubs and bars must close. (Local authorities may also wish to close other venues such as casinos, gyms and dance studios, in the case of Liverpool city.)

– You should also avoid travelling out of or entering into a very high area unless for work, education or caring purposes. (Universities and in-person teaching can/may remain open.)

This development comes after Nottingham City reported the highest new number of Covid-19 cases once again in the seven days leading up to the 15th October – 2,368 new cases were announced, averaging at 711.3 cases per 100,000.

While this is down from last weeks 1001.2 cases per 100,000, the leader of Nottingham City Council, Dave Mellen said there had been a “gradual increase in the over 65 age group who have tested positive which could translate to more hospital admissions.”