UoN’s Romeo sent over 100 handwritten letters to find his Juliet

*cue Britney Spears – If you seek Amy*


After Notts student Serban Raia realised he had received an incorrect number from Amy, a girl that he had formed an instant connection with in the park, he decided to send over 100 handwritten letters to track her down.

Serban, third year Psychology with Cognitive Neuroscience, happened upon Amy one day in Rashford Park and they immediately hit it off. They got on so well in fact that Amy invited him on a date to the Peak District. However, when Serban got home he realised the number Amy had given him wasn’t working.

Serban with the letters he hand wrote

Although it may seem that this wrong number may have been purposefully given, Serban told The Nottingham Tab: “Given that we had such a good connection I decided to trust her, and not assume that it wasn’t that she didn’t want to talk to me anymore”.

And so, in a romantic gesture that potentially outdoes Romeo himself, Serban spent 10 hours hand writing over 100 letters and posted them to every house on the road that Amy had mentioned she lived on, even giving himself blisters from writing out so many – a hard price to pay for love.


Unsurprisingly, people who weren’t Amy reached out to him on his number that he included in the letter, but all were messages offering words of encouragement and support. One person even simply texted Serban a link to Britney Spears’ ‘If you seek Amy’.

Despite still no word from Amy, Serban remains humble, telling The Tab Notts that “maybe things didn’t work out the way I wanted but at least I know what kind of man I am, and it makes a hell of a good story too”.

Here’s to hoping that she’ll hear about his romantic efforts and reach out.

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