Thousands expected to gather in Nottingham for peaceful BLM protest

Social distancing is to be maintained


A peaceful protest for Black Lives Matter is being held in Nottingham this weekend.

This follows protests in the US, as well as in London, Manchester and Birmingham in solidarity against police racism and brutality, after the death of George Floyd.

The protest will be peaceful and will adhere to the current social distancing regulations.

The peaceful protest will begin at 12PM to 2PM on Sunday in Forest Recreation Ground. It was previously planned to take place in Market Square but was moved to make sure there would be enough space to allow for social distancing.

To date, over 2,200 people have said they are going on Facebook.

Organisers of the peaceful protest want to stress that this is not a march.

On their Facebook page, they shared: “If you plan to come with any aggressive attitude or bad energy it will not be acceptable so please do not come.

“We hope to have open conversations about experiences and share frustration but the end goal is unity and togetherness to show our support for those who constantly experience horrific police brutality and in some cases are murdered.”

The protest is scheduled to run from 12-2PM and speakers speakers and poets will share experiences and education throughout the day. Moreover, at 2PM, there will be a minute’s silence for those who have lost their life due to racism.

The organisers also shared on the Facebook event:

“We would just like to reiterate that this is a peaceful protest and is not run officially by BLMUK Nottingham Activists. We are holding this as a group of black/black mixed individuals who are deeply hurt by what is constantly happening to black people in this world for hundreds of years.

“Our focus is to come together in unity and show that we stand and agree with our brothers and sisters across the world. Please take all safety measures in relation to COVID-19, wear masks, bring sanitizer and try to keep at a safe distance at all times. This is not a march but again a peaceful protest and we hope to open some insightful conversations.”

Students who wish to attend the peaceful protest can find out more on Facebook.

To find out more about #BlackLivesMatter or for other ways to help, click here.

Cover image via SWNS.