This Notts graduate has created a peer mentoring business for the uni

It’s currently available to students at Nottingham University Business School

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James Doherty, recent Notts graduate, has created a peer mentoring business that matches students with questions to students with answers.

The business,, uses a matching algorithm to pair a student in a younger year with a student in an older year who has studied the exact same modules. runs as part of the Buddy Scheme in the Nottingham University Business School; its purpose is not to replace any existing student services or peer mentoring schemes, but instead provides technology to make it quicker, easier, and more accessible.

Students can ask anything related to university; they could be detailed academic questions about their course or a particular module, or broader study tips, or social ones.

"The idea is to connect everybody on campus together. There are some little questions that you can't exactly ask your personal tutor, especially as sometimes it can take them a day or two to get back to you. Tyfy is quick, it'll save you loads of time, and the tutors on here have all done the same modules as you", said the creator James on why he started this business.

"If you have a well-being problem, still go to the well-being centre. If there is a problem with your coursework, still go to your tutor’s office hour. If you’re worrying about graduation or making ends meet during your studies, still go to the Careers Team. They’re all amazing at what they do.

" is a tool to help you link with other students who can help and advise on a wide range of topics, we make what already exists easier."

James at HuStu

"We currently have a trial year with the Business School, which we’re really excited about, however not with the rest of the University…eventually we’d like the whole University to be on the platform."