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These Notts landlords set up a house Twitter and it’s the most wholesome thing you’ll ever see

They bought them prosecco for their exams


Imagine a landlord so perfect that they regularly maintain the house facilities, wish you luck for your exams and don't even con you out of your hosing deposit. Sounds like a dream, right?

Well at 66 Sherwin Road, Phil and Cathy Battison do exactly that. The Nottingham couple have created a Twitter account for their property to document their hard work maintaining the house and efforts to create a homely environment.

With 155 followers and 369 tweets, it is safe to say that 66 Sherwin Road is anything but the boring vanilla Lenton houses that we've all looked around and signed for.

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Look at them!

Phil told The Nottingham tab: "We decided we wanted our student house to be comfortable, warm, inviting, light, secure, safe, and pleasant to live in and we wanted it to retain as much of the original heritage as possible.

"We try to exceed students' expectations with our house. We want students and their parents to go 'wow' when they walk in.

"We hate the idea that students get their deposit snatched and fined for blue tack marks!"

"We manage the house ourselves, and every four to six weeks you’ll find us at the house cutting the lawn, tending to the garden, cleaning the windows and doing any general maintenance that is needed.

"If the students have an issue (whatever time of day or night) we are easy to contact, they have our mobile phone numbers, home phone number and we have a WhatsApp Group set up for the house".

These are the most wholesome Tweets found on the 66 Sherwin Road profile page, ranging from free tea and biscuits to beautiful garden work:

When asked about their approach in creating a Twitter profile and an incredibly liveable and pleasant home environment, Cathy said: "We care and we think it shows in our actions.

"We can relate to the incoming students and their parents because we’re doing exactly the same thing with our own children. We’re at the house every 4-6 weeks to take care of the garden so we get to know the students although we try very hard not to be invasive".

I'm sure you will all agree with us that Phil and Cathy are landlords that lead by example. As you would expect, 66 Sherwin Road is in high demand every year, as it has already been let for the next academic year.

But watch this space! If you keep a watchful eye on their website then you may be lucky and have them as landlords in the future!