A Nottingham halls committee paid a Gordon Ramsay impersonator to swear at people for two and a half hours

He looks pretty legit tbh

The JCR committee of Nottingham's Ancaster Hall paid a Gordon Ramsay impersonator to roam the hall and swear at the residents for two and a half hours during dinner time.

The committee had paid the impersonator £450, a small percentage of their JCR budget, for two and a half hours of performance during dinner, from which he stayed in the dinning hall of Ancaster from 5pm till 7:30pm shouting obscenities.

Residents of the hall told The Tab Nottingham that he also took pictures with them and got angry at the poor quality of food served during dinner.

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Rox Steven Yan (pictured), International Rep of Ancaster JCR Committee, said: "It's the first time our committee (event committees did that most) have done this kind of fun interactive activity. We brought him in just to let Ancaster's residents' feel less stressful and spice up their Monday

"It's costly on budget for sure, but we [the JCR committee] in Ancaster are really happy to make our friends here experience all kinds of fun throughout the whole year!"

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It is unknown whether people in the canteen were able to locate the lamb sauce before receiving and earful.