Best of Buy/Sell Election Week

Dw its not all about the elections

Oh buy/sell where would we be without you? Where else can you find lost shoes, hedgehogs and all the election shade you could ever want?

Amid all the campaigning and the crisis and ocean ticket begs this is what you might have missed this week.


Oh look, a sore loser.



And wait, here’s another one. Except this one was a year ago, please move on now guys.

give it up my friend


Subtlety is key yeah?

try Cav mate


The beacon of hope and joy we all needed amid deadlines. Read Dave’s full story here.

the light of our bleak week 7 lives


SOS dementor still on the loose in Crisis.

someone save this boy


It was worth Dwan more try hey?

it didn’t work though did it…


Is there any greater heartbreak than losing a sandwich? I think not.

beautifully crafted? u sure?


When the VKs hit too hard…

there’s no answer mate, try again sober


Use this as your excuse next time you want to bail on Ocean

works like a charm


St. Paddy’s Day pride

be proud of your pale legs babe


For real though, can someone let me know?

can I actually graduate though??