BNOC of the Year 2016: Round One

Let the battle commence

We opened nominations and you sent them in from far and wide. Without further ado, we present to you the guys and gals who just very well could be Nottingham’s 2016 BNOC of the Year.

Sam Hickson, History, second year

Reason for being nominated: “He always knows everyone despite doing absolutely nothing.”

What’s their most BNOC story? “Just watch Crisis TV.” We take it they mean this episode. Warning: you will never look at the Rock City balcony sofas in the same way again. Legend.

Georgie K, Medicine, second year

Reason for being nominated: “She’s the new President of Ladies Lacrosse and she has also got with 84% of the medics in her year.”

Describe this BNOC in 3 words: “Leader and fresher predator.”

What’s their most BNOC story? “As a caring medic she once found a suspected drug addict on the way home from Ocean; unfortunately she was with a boy (a fresher, shock) so being the kind hearted soul she is, she took the addict with her to the fresher’s halls, paid for his bus and carried him up to the flat. When said fresher’s flatmates found out, they had to coax the addict back outside and quickly lock the door. After this, the mood was ruined, so in the morning after a simple spoon sesh, they woke up to find the addict had stolen the fresher’s bike which was outside. Once sober, Georgie attempted to locate the bike at the address the addict had given them the previous night in his intoxicated state, but without success. So if anyone sees a black mountain bike, please hit up Georgie for its return.”

Jay Radia, Geography, first year

Reason for being nominated: “For having the biggest case of social ADHD ever. You can’t walk 5 steps or hold a conversation for 2 minutes without finding another person he knows to initiate conversation with. Also, a girl has a t-shirt with his face on it. Think of him as Ink but in human form.”

What’s their most BNOC story? ” He once had an emotional breakdown at Ink, literally in tears over the fact that he ‘likes girls too easily’, prompting a swift evacuation of everyone within a 5 mile radius of him.”

Danny Estreich, Zoology, third year

Reason for being nominated: “He knows every Jew, every girl, everyone on Notts radio/TV/other media, and is completely mental too.”

What’s their most BNOC story? “Remember the guy who shaved his whole skull and painted it red and walked backwards for a week for Sport relief? Yeah? That’s Danny. Need I say more?”

Alex Terry, Maths, third year

Reason for being nominated: “Terry for Sport.”

Describe this BNOC in 3 words: “Terry for Sport.”

What’s their most BNOC story? “Terry for Sport.”

Never forget x

Holly Tallentire, Psychology, second year

Reason for being nominated: “Who else can boast a personal friendship with Andy Hoe and a fair collection of men’s sports ties?”

Describe this BNOC in 3 words: “Everyone else’s welfare.” Awwwww.

What’s their most BNOC story? “There’s too many to choose.”

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