Yik Yak’s advice on how to win the SU elections

‘Who the hell cares’

SU elections are open, you can’t walk anywhere without being harassed – the yik yak game is strong. 

Yik yak is offering some advice to candidates and just summing up everyone’s general I don’t give a fuck feels towards the whole thing.

Offer an incentive

Food is always the way to students’ hearts. Free food at that.

Take this one on board if you’re running. Rules are boring, your ideas are boring, just give us the cake.

Let them eat cake

Social media is king

Not a dull facebook video. A personalised snapchat filter – usually reserved for supermodels or the oscars – not anymore.

Going the extra mile since ’16. This candidate has the right idea.

Get a good support system

Not the ones who just change their profile picture, the ones who stand in the rain shouting your name.

So, a moment of silence for all the housemates of candidates, to the campaigners that aren’t actually getting anything from this. True dedication.

Get the experts in

Get the Christian society on your side candidates, then there truly will be no escaping you.

don’t give them any ideas…

Create a brand

Some campaign slogans are photoshop genius, others are just glitter and cardboard. Its all in the slogan. No one will actually read your manifesto though.

Where would Obama be without ‘yes we can’ though??

Give the people what they want

Scrap the manifesto, its as easy as this.

Pick your battlefield 

Campus is crawling with campaigners right now.

Nowhere is safe. Good luck just popping into Portland or Hallward this week.

No eye contact under any circumstances or its 10 minutes of your life lost to discussing lecture recordings.

Can’t hear you, can’t hear you, can’t hear you

Don’t shove it in my face

It’s common sense really, don’t be annoying and I might vote for you.

Too busy for you

Don’t use yik yak to campaign

Its just admitting defeat.