Hallward evacuated this morning following fire alarm

Students were escorted outside the library

Hallward was evacuated after the fire alarm was set off. 

Hundreds of students were forced to wait in the cold today as Hallward library was evacuated.

The fire alarm started around 10.10am and continued for over twenty minutes.

Students were first unsure whether or not to leave as it wasn’t clear if it was a practice test or a real fire.

Students were escorted through the barriers and asked to stand back as library staff congregated near the entrance.

Philly Van Kan, an History of Art third year, told The Tab: ‘Students were really confused. No one really told us what to do but to just stand back’.

Campus security arrived at Hallward at 10.25am and library goers were let back in shortly after.

Emergency services were supposedly alerted but not present at the scene.