Werking your revision outfit vibes

Fizzling and sizzling

You guys scrubbed up nicely.

Over the week we sifted through the Adidas trackies and oversized sweatshirts to find the finest fishes in the sea of revision mode.

Did you make the cut?

Kornelia Bala, third year English

Kornelia Bala, 3rd year English student

Not many can pull of double denim, let alone triple denim like Kornelia’s vintage outfit. The key is to wear many shades, otherwise you’ll look like a Dulux colour chart.

Jayde Richards, third year English

Jayde Richards, 3rd year English student

Sometimes the most simple of outfits, can give the most emphasis.

Tabitha Kyprianou, third year Classical Civilisation

Tabitha Kyprianou, 3rd year Classical Civilisation student

Tabitha’s American Apparel classic tan boyfriend coat gives a vintage vibe to pull together the whole outfit. Mixed up with a fur collar from her great granny.

Emma Hancox, first year English

Emma Hancox, 1st year English student

Emma knows her colour tones to match with this vintage denim jack paired with this cute cord mini skirt.

Emily Campin and Clare Sidwell, second year History of Art

Emily Campin and Clare Sidwell, 2nd year History of Art students

The rules about not wearing dark colours in Spring/Summer can be broken. Clare’s Jack Wills shirt dress contrasts her dark jeans and Emily’s little black Topshop dress has to be a staple in any girl’s wardrobe.

Will, first year Economics

Will, 1st year Economics student

White sweatshirts are not something you see often, and Will’s Cow Vintage one ties in perfectly with this season’s sportswear trend.

Zhong, third year Architecture and Environmental Engineering

Zhong, 3rd year Architecture and Environmental Engineering student

Zhong’s Kenzo shirt is the perfect statement piece to spring into summer, paired with his lush Liberty for Nike trainers.

Robin, first year English and History

Robin, 1st year English and History student

Robin’s New Look thin coat is a great subtle and effective way to colour block an outfit.

Alice, second year Politics student

Alice, 2nd year Politics student

Her Asos shoes claiming to fame “Kendall Jenner has these shoes” shows that even when working hard you can look good too.

Milly, 1st year Law

Milly, 1st year Law

Milly’s Birkenstock’s are a summer staple and she ties them in nicely with her neutral pallet outfit.