Varsity off to a cracking start with solid basketball victory

You did us proud

It’s the first day back onto the turf of Nottingham and the start of our new Varsity season.

The Women’s, Disabled and Men’s Basketball fixtures were this year’s opening act.

With a 2-0 lead on the scoreboards, we’re setting the path to show Trent who’s boss, as always.



From the stupidly overpriced beer, arsey show from our competition, and the Number 8 from Trent Men’s lying on the floor more than scoring hoops, it wasn’t a great start.

The lads of the audience were thoroughly entertained as the fine ladies of Trent in their ass shorts twerked their way to not much victory.

The classier dancing and cheers from our end showcased the hard work our Knights put into their display.

We made ultimate Varsity history with the Women’s reaching a score of 100 within seconds of the end.

Women’s Captain Dominika Šplíchalová scored a whopping 18 points on her own, job well done. Setting the start to a day’s victory, you go girls.


In the men’s 14 points by Patrick Daley, plus leading attacks by Evan Carberry and slam dunk shots from Riginos Kasinopoulos definitely kept the crowd entertained.

An overall win of 82-56 and it put us straight in the lead.

Let’s be honest, at this rate our winning streak is never ending.