‘Feminism is a badge of shame’: Anti-feminist party to stand at General Election

Their candidate has suffered domestic abuse

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A political party has emerged that basis its policies on anti-feminism. 

‘Justice for Men and Boys (and the women who love them)’ has been criticised by several women’s groups for its “abhorrent” policies.

The 11-month-old party’s website advertises articles such as “13 Reasons Women Lie About Being Raped,” and distributes “Lying Feminist of the Month” awards.

It is standing for parliament in the general election in May, lead by Mike Buchanan – an ex-Tory consultant.

mike buchanan

Mike Buchanan and his thick rims

Buchanan quit the Conservative party in 2009, after David Cameron’s decision to back all-women parliamentary candidate shortlists.

J4MB (their chosen abbreviation, which sounds like a acne ridden boy band) has published an 80-page manifesto that calls for the abolition of “Anti-male discriminations in existing legislation and guidance”.

‘Feminism is a hatred, and it should be a badge of shame’

They hope for a halt to the appointment of women as senior company directors, while inadvertently comparing feminists to Nazis. “Feminism is a hatred, and it should be a badge of shame,” Buchanan told Buzzfeed.

With some branding the party “more viable as an incredible source of comic potential rather than political”, the party has announced that three candidates will stand in May’s election, in the Nottingham area.


One such candidate is Ian Young – described by Buchanan as “well-known as a survivor of domestic violence” – who is standing against Conservative MP Mark Spencer in the Sherwood Constituency.

Spencer told us, “Whether you are ‘Justice for Men and Boys’ or the Conservatives, or Labour or the BNP or whoever you still have the right to stand. The beauty of living in Britain is that you are free to express your beliefs, and we shouldn’t censor people.

“Having said that clearly parties like that with controversial ideas must expect to be scrutinised and to take some criticism.’’

He added: “I think that perhaps single issue groups like the one you mention might be better to do their campaigning outside of a General Election.”

A member of the student-run group LUU Women’s Liberation Coordinators said: “It just doesn’t even make sense. I mean quite simply any ‘advantage’ women and girls are given by the state, are because of the long-standing patriarchal culture that has dominated. Women are the subaltern group.

“Being a white middle class Western male is privileged in our world today, so logically speaking they do not need a group to represent them, as through the domineering force of the western patriarchy, global capitalism represents them just fine.”

Flora Hastings, a second year at UCL, blasted the party.

She said: “It’s abhorrent. The only people who would consider voting J4MB would be those with a violent Napoleon Complex.”