Student conned after “RAK” Nomination

Homeless man with “kind eyes” turns out to be a fraud.

A Trent student completed a ‘Random Act of Kindness’ by paying for a homeless man’s hostel – but it turned out to be a complete con.

The social media craze Neknominate has taken a turn for the better with the development of the “RAK” Nomination. This ‘Random Act of Kindness’ involves nominating someone to perform a spontaneous good deed.

Kat Watson, a 22 year-old Trent student, walked through the city centre to find a homeless man who she subsequently bought a meal at McDonald’s and paid for a two week stay in a hostel which she was told cost £19.

Her brother Matt Watson said: “Fantastic Kat, such a brilliant thing to do. Good to know there are still good people in this world.”

Student Kat Watson, 22, and homeless man Tom, 28

Student Kat Watson, 22, and homeless man Tom, 28

After receiving praise on social media and her post being shared over 12,000 times, this act of kindness was overshadowed by the news that the homeless man was nothing but a conman.

The hostel where Tom was supposedly staying later received calls and offers to pay for his accommodation. However, they released a blog to deny his story.

Igloo Hostel said: “We do know of Tom, but he is not staying at our hostel. We also do not offer accommodation that is £19 for two weeks. We are a backpackers hostel and provide accommodation for travellers, students, business people, sports groups and families. We are not a homeless shelter.”

Igloo hostel

Igloo hostel

Kate Watson was clearly distressed by the news and went to Facebook to share her feelings, she said “The outcome of this story is a sad one and I feel like a bit of a naive idiot to be honest, but if I was asked if I would do it again I’d say yes…”

At the time of publishing, Miss Watson had not yet commented.