Sanitary products are now free for UEA students

They’re bloody free

The SU has finally been helpful and removed any bulwarks in the way of allowing women to get free access to any sanitary products they need.

This development coincided with International Women’s Day, and is a step the first-wave feminists of the 1900s would never have been able to dream of.

The SU’s Welfare, Community and Diversity Officer, Jo Swo, said: “We began by selling pads and tampons for tax-free but now we’ve gone one step further, we believe all students should be able to have the same access to sanitary products and we need to get rid of the stigma that periods are dirty and something you need to spend a fortune on pretending doesn’t happen.”

The SU may get hated on for being ineffective at times, but this decision follows on from the uni’s pioneering fight against the Tampon Tax in 2014, being the first uni in the country to prohibit VAT being able to bump up the price of the simple necessities.

This decision follows a wave of decisions like it across the country with Leeds, King’s College London, and Kent also doing the same.

Let’s hope that the stock is not in short supply, because as with anything free, students are like rabid Piranhas and will jump at any opportunity to get freebies. Nonetheless, the policy is pretty sweet.


University of East Anglia