Robbie Klim
Robbie Klim

I’m a Celebrity for students is coming to Norwich

It promises to be just like the TV show just with people you actually know

A charity are organising a ‘sleep out’ in aid of the homeless of Norwich this Friday

Give someone a great early Christmas present

We spoke to Black students about media representation

October marks the UK’s Black history month

Noam Chomsky on the rise of the left – an interview with The Tab Norwich

Chomsky says he wants you to keep up the fight for Corbyn

Grass-roots Pride marches are more authentic than the theatric, commercial events

‘The bigger Pride marches seem more artificial’

‘It was a stampede of people running for their lives’: UEA graduate retells the Barcelona attack

An interview with a witness of the Barcelona terror attack

UEA announces closure of postgraduate counselling courses

It is claimed that mental health services at ‘breaking point’

Concrete Memes admin speaks out

Forget batman, this is the hero UEA needs

These UEA students are travelling 8000 miles in a Nissan Micra for MIND UK

She’s called Mildred the Micra

A rather morbid statue has been installed on top of the library

People have taken to social media to criticise the installation’s timing with exam season

Sanitary products are now free for UEA students

They’re bloody free

Not the Cambridge way: This is how UEA students treat the homeless

Go to Cosmo’s and get karma

Norwich Nifflers aim to take the snitch in UK cup

“It takes a great deal of courage to stand up to our enemies” – Dumbledore

I wore pyjamas to a pub, the supermarket and a club to see if people actually hated it

Pyjamas should be worn everywhere, they improve life so much

Norwich’s Alan Partridge voted Britain’s favourite male comic character

Be proud of our Partridge

UEA library is expanding

Now even more people can experience its joy

UEA students amongst best cooks in the country

Health is wealth

We asked you for your best hangover cures

There’s nothing like a kebab to make everything okay again

Battle of the Bands was great, and supported a good cause too

Livewire teamed up with UEA’s Migrant Solidarity Campaign to raise funds and awareness

UEA’s pessimistic reaction to Trump’s victory last night

The end of the world requires a firework in one’s arse

Clubbers of the Week: Halloween Edition

Harambe shall never be forgotten RIP