Taylor Swift said playing in Norwich was her highlight of the year

It’s a love story, and Taylor just said yes

taylor swift uea

She might have been releasing banging hits and hanging out with Victoria Secret models, but Taylor Swift has said that performing in Norwich was her highlight of the year.

Taylor graced us with her presence in May when she headlined Radio 1’s Big Weekend in our very own Earlham Park.

How Taylor might look enjoying the sights in Norwich

Despite not knowing where Norwich was before playing here, Tay Tay has now named performing at the UEA law school garden as one of her favourite moments of 2015.

Swifty made the comments (and made us love her even more) last night after winning International Artist of the Year at the BBC Music Awards.

In her speech, Taylor said: “It was an amazing highlight of the year for me getting to play Big Weekend in Norwich.

“You guys have been so supportive”

We are never, ever, ever shaking this off.