Norfolk Terrace voted 8th best halls in the country

And everyone said it was ugly

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UEA is now home to one of the greatest halls in the country, after Norfolk Terrace placed 8th in a nationwide poll.

The research, carried out by Student Crowd, awarded the halls 5/5 for Social Experience, Value for Money and Location.

The review was conducted by over 5,000 students, and described Norfolk Terrace as offering “value for money and a social community”.

For many prospective students, the idea of sharing two toilets between 14 people and stumbling down the steep Ziggurat stairs after a drunken LCR may seem unappealing.

However, after the survey, it would seem the horror stories obviously aren’t as bad as those en suite students may have you believe.

Designed by Denys Lasdun between 1962-8, Norfolk Terrace remains a firm favourite with students.

Second-year Katie Mills said:I was a bit scared about moving into the Ziggurats, I didn’t really see the appeal when I looked round on my open day.

“But now, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. You’re so central to everything and it’s just a great atmosphere for meeting loads of new people during freshers.”

Tom Read, another Norfolk Terrace advocate, said: “I never lived in Norfolk but they always had the best pre-drinks and parties.

“I hated my flat so it became like a home away from home. In Summer we would all sit on the grass and hang speakers through the ground floor bedroom windows, or face the TV out the window and have a Netflix binge in the sun”

The victory may be down to the beautiful panoramic view of UEA lake which some say is the perfect backdrop for a standard kitchen predrinks.

Or perhaps it’s the inevitable sense of community which comes with sharing such intimate facilities with complete strangers.

Either way, UEA wins once again.