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An MMU grad has admitted involvement in a ‘neo-Nazi’ plot to kill a labour MP

He also pleaded guilty to conspiring to kill a police officer and is accused of child sex offences


A former Manchester Metropolitain University student, Jack Renshaw, has admitted to involvement in an allegedly neo-Nazi plot to kill a labour MP and a police officer, and is also accused child of sex offences.

Renshaw, 23, is denying claims that he is part of the neo-Nazi group National Action, whom it is thought formulated the plot to kill West Lancashire Labour MP Rosie Cooper with a machete. They also planned to then take hostages to lure police officer DC Victoria Henderson to the scene, and murder her too. National Action have allegedly dubbed the plot "white jihad".

A dissolusioned member of National Action contacted an anti-right wing terrorism charity when the plot became "a real and serious threat". The group was proscribed in 2016, and intends to "restore white Britain", sympathises with Nazis and purports strongly anti-semitic, homophobic and racist propoganda, also describing certain white people as "race traitors".

Renshaw's actions have been described as both "personal and political", as the police officer that Renshaw planned to kill had interviewed him following an arrect for inciting racial hatred in January of this year. On his arrest, a phone was recovered and investigated by police who found evidence of the grooming of children. Renshaw was arrested again in May regarding the evidence of child sex offences found on the phone.

Renshaw pleaded guilty to preparing acts of terrorism and conspiring to kill a police officer, he also faces a third charge for being a member of the proscribed group National Action.