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An ode to the MagicBus: we literally couldn’t do student life without it

Even though it’s £1.50 now

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Haters can hate. The MagicBus has its faults of course. It can be late, barrel past bus stops full of waiting students, and if you don't sit down before it starts moving, has the power to turn you into a human bowling ball. But, at the end of the day (or night) it's all part of the experience. Where would we be without the noble chariot that is the MagicBus?

But, despite the communal student love, there is still so much we take for granted about this wonderful mode of transportation. Here are just a few reasons why you should appreciate the MagicBus, just incase you forgot.

It's super cheap

While First Bus charges £2.30 for a single rider ticket, the MagicBus charges only £1.50. This is deffo worth the price as a student who travels back and forth to uni every day. You can also get yearly bus passes which provide unlimited access to the the MagicBus throughout your years at Uni. You can't get that with First Bus. Oh, and when it's mega busy at night sometimes it's, *ahem* "free".

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It's reliable

MagicBuses run roughly every five minutes during peak hours of the day, which means that you rarely have to wait long for a quick ride. Woke up late for that 9am? Of course you did. The MagicBus is sure to be there to deliver you to your lecture, still probably late, but not as late as you would be if you had to get another bus.

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It runs at night

The MagicBus will also be there for you in times of need. Stranded on Oxford Road at 4am? A MagicBus is almost sure to be running to save you from your predicament. I would know from firsthand experience.

It is a social experience

Not only do you see all different types of people on the MagicBus (for most of us, this is the only interaction with non-students we will have during our time in Manchester.) You'll also get to witness every aspect of student life on here, from hysterical crying girls, to fights, to football chants, to couples.

You'll watch people hand in their essays with minutes to spare, laptop in hand, stressed grimace firmly applied to face. Who knows, you may even run into the person who you swore to be best mates with during Freshers' Week and never saw them again. The possibilities are endless.

It will take you literally anywhere in Manchester

Whether you're travelling into town, to the airport, uni or just fancy sitting for a drive while listening to some tunes and looking out the window, the MagicBus is your friend. It will take you literally anywhere in Manchester.

There's the 142 which will take you from Piccadilly Gardens to East Didsbury, the 143 also from Piccadilly Gardens but to West Didsbury, the 145 from Albert Square to Cheadle Hulme, and more. This is extremely useful especially if you have to make a quick stop or remember something at the last minute.

MagicBus, don't ever change x