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The Tab Manchester’s most eligible bachelor: THE FINAL

How can you possibly choose?


Jordan Rumley

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Jordan told The Tab Manchester "I have to say, it’s an honour to have made the final. Definitely my greatest achievement to date. I’d like to thank the fans for voting and getting me this far."

"I can only imagine this new found fame will make life more challenging from now on; having to dodge paparazzi on the way to the shops, and needing a bodyguard to escort me to lectures. But that’s just a small price to pay, if and when I win. It would be surreal to win this award! Something I’ve dreamed of since I was a boy." And hey, maybe if Jordan does win he'll have a better chance with his favourite bachelorette, Maddie Bindi.

Jonny Virgo

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Jonny, a bit too cool for this competition we fear, was rather underwhelmed when informed of his place in the final, telling The Tab Manchester he rated the finalist feeling a "four out of ten".

He doesn't really know why he should win (neither do we) but hopes that his finalist position and new-found fame will help him re-connect with his absent father, adding "I miss you, pa." Jonny also added that he would prefer Tim Westwood over anyone in the competition, but became defensive when asked further questions. So there's that to consider when voting.

Syed Naqi Muhammed

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Syed is currently celebrating becoming a fully qualified doctor on holiday in Malaysia and wasn't available to comment. We're sure he's chuffed though.

Alex Burke

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Alex is finding it difficult to juggle his finalist position and err, many hobbies. He told us "I’ve had sorts approaching me from all directions off the back of this, so just like any other day really. Business as usual. Birds, booze, football, packet. "

"Really can’t be arsed with all this female attention. Haven’t got time for a bird. I know what I’d rather do, Tottenham away, lav it. I’ve always been a big face round Manchester so can’t say much has changed."

He says that the reason he should win is "simple really – cos I’m proper chels. I’ve shagged more birds than I’ve done chelsea aways (and I done a lot of aways). I’ll also sort you a spare for any game. Plus look at the state of all the other lads on here they’re all divs."

He doesn't have a favourite bachelorette, as he "doesn’t rate any of them to be honest. My type is more Swedish, 32, engaged and 30,000 feet in the air (preferably checking into a 4 star hotel at Manchester airport that night)."

Taran Parekh

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Taran, a first year student at MMU was described as a "beast" in his origional nomination. His type is Dame Judi Dench, so he likes a classy bird and isn't that fussed about age. He wants you to know that even though he's a fresher, he's definitely not lacking in experience, as this is actually his second year of uni.

Taran thinks he should win because he's a "beast" and is loving the changes to his life since becoming a Tab Manchester bachelor finalist, most notably, the new-found respect from his friends.