Final year Textile Science students were given an exam with the same question twice

They were then left with only 20 minutes to answer a replacement question

Third year Textile Science and Technology students got more than they bargained for on Wednesday, when it was discovered that one of the questions on the final page of their exam had been duplicated.

Section C of the Textile paper held two questions with a total of seven sub-questions to be answered. Students soon realised a mistake when they noticed that in both sections there was the exact same essay question, one awarding 30 marks and one awarding 20.

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Laura Howe, one of the students present, told The Tab, “a lot of people did the question twice because they were like, lol, what a doddle. My mate flagged it up half an hour in."

According to reports, around five minutes before the end of the exam an invigilator appeared with a replacement question worth 20 marks.

Laura told us “[They] came in with a brand new 6a question, [leaving us] five minutes to answer a 20 marker, even though people had left.”

It’s not yet been disclosed how the mishap occurred or if it will affect the final outcome of the students’ marks.