Lucy Jordan

‘Homeless hero’ of Manchester Arena bombings stole from victims and took pictures of the wounded

The crimes were discovered following the release CCTV footage

Final year Textile Science students were given an exam with the same question twice

They were then left with only 20 minutes to answer a replacement question

Brian Cox has got a pretty awful score on Rate My Professors

He’s got 2.8 out of 5 lol

A Harry Potter convention is coming to Manchester and it’s gonna be magical

10 points to Manchester

There’s a free Harry Potter experience coming to Manchester

You can be sorted by the actual Sorting Hat

You can get free Innocent smoothies in the SU tomorrow

And they’re technically ‘healthy’

The Manchester rugby freshers were made to apple bob with dead rats at initiations

It’s putting decent players off joining the club

A list of the spookiest places in Manchester to get you in the Halloween mood

Even our ghosts are edgy

How not to shag your flatmate: A comprehensive guide

It’s never, ever worth it

‘I drank excessively to numb the feeling’: How it feels when your rapist’s case is dropped

Just because a case is dropped doesn’t mean the accused is innocent

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