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Brian Cox has got a pretty awful score on Rate My Professors

He’s got 2.8 out of 5 lol


As a nation, it's always been greatly assumed that our kid-Brian (Cox) is not only extremely knowledgable, but pretty good at imparting that knowledge, too.

However The Tab Manchester can reveal Brian's ratings on Rate My Professors (a website where you can rate your uni professors on their teaching skills and hotness) suggest everything but.

In fact, BC's teaching has been accused of being nothing other than average, especially in comparison to the rest of Manchester's physics department.

The website has a scale of 1-5 for teaching, in which the Professor scored a pitiful 2.8, and one student went so far as to say: "[He was] often confusing and not good at explaining the maths."


The reliability of the candidates is, however, being put to question seeing as, even more unbelievably, he only received ONE chilli on the hotness scale. I think we can all agree Brian is in no way Lemon and Herb on the "Peri-ometer."

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One rather ferocious student wrote: "Just because he's good on TV doesn't mean he's good at teaching."

Another bluntly wrote: "Goes off on huge tangents."

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It's hard to say exactly where the truth lies in this ordeal. It's very unlikely the professor is going to give up his day job of being a 12/10 spice and all round floppy haired heartthrob and genius.

And we wouldn't want him to, anyway, even if he is a bit of a rubbish lecturer.