Yolandi the escapee tarantula is Manchester’s maddest fresher

The party animal who trekked accross 24 Oak House bedrooms in search of the sesh

Sassy spider, fierce furry female and all round eight legged legend, Yolandi is officially Manchester’s maddest fresher. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that Yolandi deserved the coveted title. How many other freshers can say they literally went on a party pilgrimage?

Effortlessly cool

Yolandi rose to fame back in December of last year, when she was discovered in an Oak House bathroom after trekking literally miles (spider length miles) in search of a new place to get loose. Unfortunately, the freshers who discovered Yolandi just weren’t on her wavelength, instead of joining the spidey sesh they supplied Yolandi with a sponge soaked in water, as if she needs to ever sober up.

Yolandi’s claim to fame

But Yolandi didn’t give up, in fact it just made her party harder. Yolandi’s actions elevated her from BNOC to national treasure, with appearances in several national newspapers. 

Aint no party like an arachnid partay

Yolandi has gone on record to say that she “loves a Xanax and a balloon”, but it’s also clear that while Yolandi parties hard, she studies even harder, taking her Web Design course at the University of Manchester very seriously.

Work hard play hard

Yolandi is the embodiment of what we all aim to be at university; a gorgeous, popular, semi-famous party animal with a heart of gold who still has the time to study all eight of her socks off.

We salute you, Yolandi.