‘Dont play Russian Roulette with your life’: GMP crackdown on legal highs in Manchester

Here come the fun police

legal high Manchester police

The Greater Manchester Police spent a day clamping down on legal high sellers.

As of today, GMP are launching “Operation Ramsey” targeting over 100 premises that are retailers of legal highs.

Over 150 officers were sent to visit retailers of legal highs, as a day of force-wide police action.

no more poppers

They claim that this day of action will ensure that: “young people are safe and well”.

Placed next to the cigarette stands in various shops and labelled “not fit for human consumption”, legal highs have become an increasing worry for the authorities.

This crackdown on sellers of NPS comes after five people collapsed and were taken to hospital in Bury after taking weed substitute “Spice”.

GMP advise students not to play “Russian roulette” with their lives

Superintendent Craig Thompson GMP specialist operations said: “Today’s operation was about identifying where the outlets are and speaking to retailers to make them aware of their responsibilities – they sell legal highs that ultimately cause serious injury or death.

“What we want to instill in people is that just because these substances are legal, doesn’t mean that they are safe.

“Don’t play Russian Roulette with your life.”

Pissed off second year, Laura, said: “What a joke, they’re clearly legal for a reason.”

Third year Josh was equally cheesed off: “They’re all just a bunch of jobsworths, why won’t they let me get my chill on?”