New app earns you money every time you use your phone

Think of all the money you could have earned already this year

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When you go to unlock your phone, what do you see?

A recent study found 87 per cent of smartphone users don’t change their lock screen from the boring generic one that comes with the phone when you buy it.


This guy’s just realised how dull his lock screen is

If you’re one of these people, maybe it’s time for a change? And no, we don’t mean you post a picture from your last romantic holiday with the boyfriend/girlfriend – not unless you want people around you to cringe every time you get your phone out.

Instead, you could be using that redundant space for good and earning money with it.

The average smartphone user checks their phone over 100 times a day. That’s 100 opportunities to pocket some cash, crazy right?

The new app Sliide replaces the usual lock screen with geo-tagged offers, the latest articles, and other useful information depending on your location and the time of day.


When you check your phone, you can then either swipe right and unlock your phone as usual, or swipe left to learn more about the deal on display.

No matter which way you swipe, you still get to take part in the cash rewards they hand out every Friday, which you can either pocket or donate to charity if you’re feeling philanthropic.

Tom, 21, from Liverpool downloaded the app a few days ago. He told The Tab: “It’s great, you don’t even notice it’s there until you realise how much money you’ve earned.

“Every time I invite a friend to download it too, my credit goes up by £1. I don’t understand how they’re making enough money to be giving it away, but I don’t really care either.”

Unfortunately, any iPhone owners wanting to get in on the lock screen lottery will have to wait: at the moment the app isn’t available on iOs.

This opportunity to make money without changing any of your daily habits has provided Android users with one more argument to throw in the face of iPhone users who insist they’ve got a better phone.

How it works


After you’ve downloaded Sliide, you select what you want to hear about (Food, Travel, Sport etc.) and then your lock screen will display a mixture of articles, local deals and interesting facts.

For example, Sliide have signed deals with a number of venues to extend happy hours for Sliide users, and Union Cars (Manchester) will give you 20 per cent off your first journey if you show them the app on your phone.

To unlock your phone as usual, Sliide right. However, if you’d like to learn more about a particular offer, Sliide left.

No matter which way you Sliide, you’re in it to win it. This is because a negative answer is just as important as a positive one in determining the types of content you’d like to see on your lock screen.

If you want a more tailored experience answer the in-app questions. These are designed to further understand your preferences and improve your experience when using the app. If you tell Sliide it’s shown you something you’re not interested in, you’ll never be shown it again.

For more information about how Sliide works, click here.