There are tickets to Parklife hidden somewhere on campus

Follow the clues to find them

Nine places you and your friends need to visit this summer

Treat yo’self

New app earns you money every time you use your phone

Think of all the money you could have earned already this year

Re-think your summer travelling plans and help make a difference

Travelling abroad shouldn’t be a vanity project

Lock-In all the student discounts in Manchester

The Student Lock-In is coming to the intu Trafford Centre today between six and 10pm

Cubanisto’s House of Mask comes to Manchester

Expect top artists, street food and lots of dancing.

Submission shakes up the Manchester club scene

New club night celebrates its arrival in Manchester with a jaw-dropping launch party

Submission: the student night with a difference

Thursdays are the new Fridays at Entourage

Heard something you think
we should know?

We want to look into your case


Manchester is dead, long live Manchester

Below the Surface MCR are bringing the city back to its roots.

PANIC: 37% of graduate jobs are allocated by the end of second year

Don’t drop out just yet though – The Tab has found a solution!

Getting a grad job just got easier

A new graduate recruitment service is on the scene and taking the stress out of finding a post-uni job.

Brazil 2014’s not far away: Get playing with Lucozade Powerleague

The Tab and Lucozade Powerleague bring you free football, so you’ve got no excuse to sit there watching your dodgy Sky Sports stream any more. Get out and play.