There is a man cycling around Fallowfield on half a bike

He does what he wants

A man has been spotted riding the streets of Fallowfield on just one wheel of a bike.

The skilled motorist was seen doing the “ultimate wheelie” on Ladybarn Lane early yesterday evening.

The mystery man’s vehicle has one back wheel with a frame leading diagonally up to two handle bars – and looks impossible to ride without falling flat on your face.

But, against all odds, the hero effortlessly cruised down the road behind Sainsbury’s among four wheeled vehicles.

Several people have spotted the illusive one-wheeled cyclist doing his thing around Fallowfield.

The video of the bicycle was taken by Luke May, a masters student, while driving down Ladybarn early yesterday evening.

The self-confessed social media fiend admits that his first reaction was: “I must Snapchat this!”

He then posted it onto Facebook under the title: “What a hero”, causing a social media storm within minutes.

The video shows the one-wheeler casually defying gravity whilst cycling past cars and other (normal) bicycles down Ladybarn, with the caption “Ultimate Lad”.

And if you listen closely you can hear Luke describe the act as “the ultimate wheelie”.

What a joker

He tells The Tab about the bizarre event: “It’s weird because we were just sat there waiting for a friend to pick up her phone, and suddenly I saw him coming up the road.

“I was like, WTF surely not?!”

He even assumed it was a damaged bike: “To be fair I thought he might have stolen it and was cycling it home with out a wheel.”

Patrick Powell, who also saw the cyclist, said his instant reaction was: “I just saw him and thought..what a joker.”

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