Campus style: What’s your freshers’ fashion?

Look at these trendy new arrivals

We set out to find the best dressed students on the very first day of the semester –  around campus there was a combination of post-freshers sleepy heads and those who had sharpened up in just time for lectures.

We asked our fashionistas: How would you describe fresher’s fashion?

Victoria, 2nd year English Literature: “a little less sharp than it is now!”

Altima, 4th year English Literature and Russian: “very Manchester”

Nikki, 4th year French and Spanish: “easy and comfortable”

Elise, 1st year Politics and International Relations: “easy and comfortable”

Jonathan, 3rd year Modern History and Economics: “casual”

Valentina, 1st year Social Anthropology: “street”

Sam, 2nd year history: “I have absolutely no idea”

Lucas, 3rd year Politics and Modern History: “tierd”

Garance, 1st year PPE: “sleepy, make-up is amazing”

Evie, 1st year English Literature: “comfortable, these shoes are like walking on air!”

Libby and Laura, 3rd year Art History: “last minute, wet hair and unprepared