The Hunger Games: Manchester

VOTE: who will be the Manchester champion?

battle hunger games Manchester platt fields

Welcome to the Hunger Games: Manchester. Have you Everdeen such warriors?

Let battle commence

The rules

You can pick one candidate to do battle against the rest

Each contender receives the weapon you would personally associate most strongly with them


Plattfields park

Weather type

Cold drizzle obviously

So who would be the last man standing? Here are your contenders.


Could cheesy chips be his weapon?

Gary Barlow

Does he have the X-Factor?

Magic Bus Lady

The champion of chants

 Wayne Rooney

He might be a winner on the pitch, but is he a winner in the battle ring?

Markus Okafor

The biggest guns on campus could be the key to success

 Quizzy Lizzy

A matter of brains over brawn?

Karl Pilkington

He’ll outsmart even the most skilled contenders

 Any AU captain

Could he BNOC you out?

Your landlord

Or is he just too lovely?

Simon Webbe

(Manchester born and bred, apparently)

Pick your winner! Vote below: