Neknomi-late? The cringe trend finally hits Manchester lectures

The annoying craze was showcased in a politics lecture last week

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A Manchester student performed a cringe neknominate in his Comparative Politics lecture last week – dressed as not Batman, but Robin.

Drink up

The Neknominations ‘phenomenon’ is getting old – but some slow UoM students are taking the laddish trend to their lectures.

One rowdy student, who interrupted a politics lecture last week tried to impress on-lookers by downing a whole pint of alcohol.

And in an even more embarrassing twist, he was dressed up as Batman’s less macho sidekick.

But it’s not the first time the loutish stunt has disrupted lectures – a recent Nursing lecture was also interrupted by one raucous student’s Neknomination.

A student at Leeds Met takes one for the team

Manchester students have hopped on the bandwagon pretty late. Students at Sheffield, Edinburgh and Nottingham have been seeing off pints in lectures for weeks.

Here’s an obnoxious performance from a Leeds Met student:

But whilst ballsy students are full of pride,  it seems that lecturers have not been quick to take the same opinion.

With NipNominations and NicNominations creeping up, when will it end?

The craze has hit our lectures