Tesco torched: Oxford Road store goes up in flames

Popular student supermarket in arson attack

£15000 arson blaze charged curry mile fire rusholme students supermarket tesco wilmslow park

A fire broke out at Tesco Express on Oxford Road last week – after two bandits set cardboard alight at the back of the store.

Don’t worry – you can still shop there

Two people have been charged for starting the blaze underneath the popular Opal Halls in Wilmslow Park.

Natalie Bell and Scott Jason Laird, both in their 20s, have both been charged with arson with intent to endanger life.

Police were called to the rear of  Wilmslow Park shop, which is directly below a student accommodation building, in the early hours of 4 February.

“Officers discovered cardboard had been set alight and the fire had damaged equipment at the store and neighbouring property”, a statement by Greater Manchester Police said.

The store lies in Wilmslow Park, a shopping area right next to the Curry Mile that’s popular with students.

It was estimated that whopping £15,000 worth of damage was caused by the blaze – but lucky for students neither Tesco or any other shops needed to be closed.