New cannabis joint smoking into town

Ex-drug trafficker to open hash hangout in Northern Quarter

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A guy who once gave cannabis to the Queen is opening a drug themed cafe in Manchester.

Colin Davies’ new  joint will be in the Northern Quarter and will let customers bring their own drugs to smoke.

But he has said there will be no alcohol, and drugs can’t be sold inside New Way Cafe, which opens in January.

“There will be no sales of cannabis until it is legal to do so”, the 56 year old said.

“This is straight above the line – people can have a coffee, chat, play chess or smoke”.

Here you are, your high-ness

Here you are, your high-ness

Davies infamously gave cannabis plants hidden in a bunch of flowers to the Queen back in October 2000.

And in 2002, he was jailed for 3 years for importing and supplying drugs.

He had already tried opening a hash hangout  in 2001, with ‘Dutch Experience’ in Stockport – but police raided it within 10 minutes of its opening.