Which Facebook profile pic are you?

The Tab exposes the cringiest types of profile picture.

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Selfie/cute face

Since iphones now have two cameras, these are easier to do. But you still see the odd unlucky soul who still has to cope with the bathroom mirror.

Just get your mate to take one of you

James Bond wannabe

Many lads have little hope of  impressing the lasses with our suave moves on nights out. So the best we can do is put on our best suits and take a photo that will be the closest we’ll ever get to being Daniel Craig.

You disappoint me 007

Drunken group

Nothing much wrong with this one, as long as you’re not covered in sick, shit or piss. Although if it’s true that your boss uses Facebook to find out more about you, you could be in trouble. So keep it clean(ish).

Dog shot

The thinking seems to be “If I pose with Fluffy with my face all over its fur, everyone is bound to say how cute I am”. Another downside is the risk of fur balls, as it’s basically caressing your pooch’s body.

Is that dog dead?

Baby pic

A bit of a delicate matter at the moment, what with all the Jimmy Saville shenanigans . But this doesn’t seem to put off those of you who choose a photo from the good old days.

Aww, wasn’t I cute

The [insert any random place or inanimate object here]

When I’m searching for you on Facebook,  I want to see your face so I know I’ve got the right person. What I don’t need to see is a lovely little cupcake you baked, or the Eiffel Tower from last summer’s holiday. Come on guys, it’s called profile pic for a reason.

She looks different in this one…