Vote for Loughborough’s most eligible bachelor: Heat two

The second round is here

So you've seen the first round of guys on offer, well now here's the second group. As before, pick your favourite, vote for them at the bottom and the winner will enter the final.

Ed Radford

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6"2 Electrical Engineering student Ed would like to take you on a long lunch with wine and good food, followed by an afternoon sightseeing. He enjoys TV presenting, Drama, going to the pub and watching any sport. He also bought 200 Fredos to impress a girl and ask her out, and if that isn't a keeper I don't know what is.

Will Hornby

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19-year-old Politics with Business student Will would take you swimming and also likes to impress you with the fact that he has 10 toes. Vote for him at the bottom if he's your favourite.

Barnabus Beau Battison

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Despite claiming he has a better looking twin, 18-year-old, 5"11 Barnabus would take you on a romantic date that includes making snow angels, going ice skating, eating a whole roll of cookie dough and snuggling. If the Aeronautical Engineering student is your favourite, vote for him below.

Andy Forsyth

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The 6"7 Mechanical Engineering student enjoys long walks on Sundays and Cogs. If you were lucky enough to have a date with him he'd take you to Centro Lounge and would also like to discuss climate change and the declining bee population with you.

Vote below for your favourite from heat two and the winner will appear in the final.