Vote for Loughborough’s most eligible bachelor: Heat one

The winner will enter the final

So after a long wait the first heat for Loughborough's most eligible bachelor is here. Make sure you have a good look at the four guy's on offer and vote for your favourite at the bottom. The winner of each heat will enter the final.

Luca Cappuccini

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At 6"1, 19-year-old Luca is a class act on and off the field. He plays rugby and can also down a whole bottle of port, nail a song and win naked jousting all in a 45 minute coach journey. If you're lucky enough to get a date with him he'll take you out for a romantic dinner with drinks and a good view, and promises to have good chat.

Will Potter

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Coming in at 6"1, 22-year-old and Human Biology student Will enjoys Pilates, cooking, salsa dancing and synchronised swimming. His calves are also bigger than his quads.

Ky Routledge

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21-year-old International Business student Ky would like to escape the Loughborough bubble and would take you on a date somewhere in a cosy country pub followed by a drink. He was also on Blue Peter with Konnie Huq.

Owen Williamson

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At the ripe age of 18, Sport Science student Owen is a real all-rounder as he enjoys hockey, cooking and the sesh. As an ambassador for the "please go home" chant he promises to give you a good time.

Vote below for your favourite from heat one and the winner will appear in the final.