Here’s what other unis in the UK think of Loughborough

Be prepared to read the word “sports” a lot

As students at Loughborough, we know there's much more to life here than sports and a shit night life. However, that doesn't stop other uni's stereotyping everyone here as boring die-hard athletes who skip every night out for the sake of training. Read on to see what students from other universities think of us.


"Stuffed full of Adonis-like beings who compensate for their poor standing in the uni league table by obliterating everyone else on the pitch" – James

Harsh words, and unfair considering we are a top ten uni in all the league tables…


"God knows what you’re doing here if you’re not playing sport"– Robbie

We are drinking our body weight in 3 for £5 VK's Robbie, that's what we are doing.


“All you’re interested in is the gym, dull” – Sam

That's fair.

Royal Holloway

"I just associate it with being a sports uni…but i know Camilla from Love Island went there once" – Grace

"I heard there's a lot more boys there"– Charles


“Uniformly dull and sweaty. You bullied that fat kid in school who became a medic”– Sophie.

“Yes the union is good. But that's because it's the only thing there”– Jamie.

Southampton clearly aren't Luff's biggest fans.


"I know it's sporty and near Leicester. To be honest i didn't actually know it existed until recently"– Lucia.

Well, there you have it, every other uni just assumes that everyone does sports at Loughborough. Which to be honest, isn't far off the truth.