Loughborough is the best uni in the whole world and let me tell you why

Everyone is proud to be a part of the Luff family

So Freshers' is over and that means you might actually spend a solid 24 hours sober. What better opportunity to reminisce on all the amazing things you have learnt about Loughborough over the past few weeks, as well as find out a few more things you have to look forward to, that makes Loughborough the best uni.

The nightlife

It may be kind of shit, but that doesn't mean we don't all love a good FND. But being serious for a second, our union is pretty amazing compared to other uni's. So it's not surprising that we won the Whatuni award for best Students' Union three years running.

Oh yeah and we can't forget the union's three VKs for a fiver deal

We win BUCS every year

There's a reason Loughborough is well known for sports, we are unbeatable. If you need a reason to brag about your uni, this is a good one.

We have a campus cat

For those of you who haven't met the university's cutest little friend, Charlie likes to hang out by the library and brighten up the days of many students on their way to do their work. What other uni has their own campus cat?

Here is Charlie, brightening up a gloomy day on campus

Here is Charlie, brightening up a gloomy day on campus

Papa Si's

Two words… Cheesy. Chips.

The campus is so pretty

There are not many students around Loughborough who haven't snapped up that obligatory photo of the fountain outside the Hazlerigg and Rutland buildings. Especially on a sunny day, our campus has to be one of the nicest around.

Loughborough is a very charitable university

If cheesy chips and a pretty fountain are not enough for you to brag about, this one should be. The students of Loughborough are amazing at raising money and doing their part for charity, through RAG raids and action projects, Loughborough has helped so many good causes in the past. Last year alone, Loughborough's RAG total was over £1 million. This is definitely one to be proud of.

RAG raid in Cardiff in aid of Cancer Research.

RAG raid in Cardiff in aid of Cancer Research.

Freshers, if you're reading this, you have made a great choice in coming to this uni and your time here will be truly special. Loughborough walks on water.