Nights at Late Lounge and fights at the bus station: growing up in Grantham

It’s grim, it’s tragic, but it’s ours

In the heart of Lincolnshire there isn't a town quite like Grantham that you might come across. Going by other names such as G town or the G, the streets offer a sense of disappointment. If you grew up here you'll be sort of proud that you made it out alive and hopefully away from the place. Grantham is unique, there is no question about that, but perhaps uniquely tragic.

The Nightlife

You'll either hate it or love it. Unlike most small towns Grantham offers a large range of unique pubs from the Blue Pig to the Goose where you'll often drown your sorrows in mountains of two for £10 pitchers. It surprisingly has a lot of clubs too. Late Lounge is one of the better ones that can be found. If you want to hear Mr. Brightside played about six times this is definitely the place to be! Or if you fancy a break from the sesh, the brown leather sofas at the back are just the spot. Unfortunately you'll often spot couples getting off on these sofas. Maybe best to avoid them for obvious reasons! Next to Late Lounge, there's RaRa. Nothing too special or unique about this club but it's somewhere to hide from that person who's trying to get with you.

The Schools

Unlike a lot of towns, two Grammar schools are available to give a better quality of education. Kesteven and Grantham Girls' School (KGGS/KG/#KGARMY) is the school which former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher attended. Girl's who went here were continuously told to follow their dreams and (in the words of former Head Teacher, Mr Burks) that they were simply “too gorgeous for Grantham". Down the road lies The Kings Grantham School which is the boys grammar school. The boys in the sixth form can be spotted from miles away in their disgusting maroon blazers. Not a strong look at all. Interestingly, Sir Isaac Newton attended this school which gives it a famous reputation.

The Shops

Continuously like the clubs, you'll see shops pop up and immediately shut down. The town lacks decent clothes (normal) shops but it makes up for this with the hundreds of charity shops. Why a town needs so many of these shops we'll never know! Food shops are also found all over the town. Grantham has an ASDA, Sainsbury's, Morrisons, Aldi, Lidl, Co-op, M&S, Spar, Tesco Express and a Home Bargains!

The Meres Leisure Centre

The biggest leisure centre in the town and one of the most disgusting. It's probably one of the most disgusting in the East Midlands. The changing rooms will never fail to make you gag and the pool has to be closed more often than not because some kid took a shit. Local gym wannabes will hog the machines and weights in the gym and claim they're the next big thing in this tragic town.

Wyndham Park

Found in the centre of the town, this park is the place to witness school fights. Precisely at 4pm after school on the white bridge fights will take place where young males will “battle it out". Natural selection seen widely at play here. A good evening's entertainment! The arch is another place where if you went to KG and Kings you would meet your year 8 squad at and then go do annoying things year 8s probably do.

The Bowling Alley/Fun Farm

The only place to have a birthday party before the age of 12 and feel like a legend.

The Bus Station

What a wild place this is. A bus station that doubles as a fighting arena, crazy right?! Catch some fights between the locals or school kids here and also get yourself some chicken nuggets from Morrisons before hand. The Grantham bus station is unique. Not like a normal bus station at all!

Grantham is a special town. Special in the fact it's pretty grim but if you're from here you'll be proud of it. It's your shithole. It may from the outside look like any ordinary town but all these things add up to make it one crazy and occasionally decent place. I've probably convinced you all it's not worth ever visiting and that's true. Don't visit. You'll be wasting your time.