Apparently London is actually one of the worst places to be for people who love beer

Guess I’m moving then

Greater London has ranked as the one of worst places in the UK for beer lovers, a new study finds.

Say what you want about London, but there’s no denying it has got great night life. In a city this size, you are absolitely spoilt for choice when it comes to your pick of bars and pubs.

In a study conducted by Real English Drinks, it analysed six factors including the cost of a beer in a restaurant, the cost of a beer in the supermarket, the number of breweries, the average rating of the breweries, the number of beers brewed across the breweries and the number of pubs.

Each factor was given a score between 0-35 which were then added together to create a final “beer-loving” score out of 210. These were then ranked lowest to highest to reveal which city loves beer the most.

With all factors considered, Greater London ranked as the sixth worst city in the whole of the UK for people who love beer. Coming in at the very bottom was Belfast, whilst Newcastle took the first place crown.

Brb, moving to Newcastle.

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