BREAKING NEWS: There are reported cases of Covid-19 at three UCL halls

John Adams, St Pancras Way and Langton Close have all reported covid cases

This weekend UCL received its first reports of Covid cases. With universities all over the country confirming cases of Covid-19 recently, it was only a matter of time until the same happened at UCL. Just over a week after the start of the academic year, there have been Covid-19 cases confirmed in three separate UCL accommodations: John Adams, St Pancras Way and Langton Close.

The cases  were confirmed by a member of accommodation staff, who said:

“ We have heard the news over the weekend and there are only one or two cases at John Adams and St Pancras and there is a flat in Langton self-isolating.”

At the moment the number of reported cases at UCL is currently small.

A spokesperson from UCL stated the following:

“We can confirm that a very small number of students have reported that they have tested positive for Covid-19 in unconnected cases in UCL managed halls and we have contacted some students asking them self-isolate in line with Government guidance for the safety of members of both the UCL and wider community.

“UCL will be doing everything we can to support our students through the process of self-isolation with day-to-day practicalities such as food deliveries, laundry and rubbish collection, as well as providing individual support for mental health and wellbeing.

“We are encouraging any student with symptoms to contact NHS Test and Trace and to book a test in line with Government guidance. Symptomatic students living within UCL Halls and symptomatic staff who are required to work on campus are also now able to book a test through UCL’s internal testing facility.

“We are encouraging anyone with symptoms to report them through UCL’s ‘Connect to Protect’ tool which has been designed with public health experts to help us monitor and respond to coronavirus cases at UCL. We will use the data from the tool, to put in place the necessary infection controls depending on the scale of any outbreak.

“The safety and wellbeing of our students is our highest priority and we are closely working with the London Coronavirus Response Cell. UCL is also taking advice and guidance form UCL’s Public Health Advisory Panel which is made up of some of the UK’s leading public health experts.”

How UCL is supporting students who are self-isolating

Our Student Support and Wellbeing team is in contact with students who have tested positive or are self-isolating to provide advice, practical help and wellbeing support. All students can access support from UCL’s Student Support and Wellbeing services to help look after their mental health and wellbeing. More information is available on our webpages for students.

For students staying in UCL accommodation, we also:

• Regularly check-in with students who are symptomatic, have tested positive for coronavirus or need to self-isolate;

• Provide all self-isolating students who have notified UCL with a free hamper of essential food and cleaning items;

• Offer students vouchers for free meal deliveries. These cover a range of dietary requirements and will be delivered directly to students’ accommodation.

• Support students with additional needs and medical conditions;

• Help students access medication and other essential services if required;

• Make sure that all students know what to do if they or people they live with become unwell;

• Invite students to join Flourish, UCL’s virtual community programme where they can take part in activities online, meet fellow residents and support their mental health and wellbeing.

If you or any UCL students you live with begin developing Covid-19 symptoms, make sure to self-isolate ASAP. If you or any UCL students you know have a confirmed case of Covid-19, report the case on the UCL website.

Also, feel free to contact us on Facebook or Instagram regarding your experiences in a halls lockdown.